Bee’s Knees Lacquer: The Pun-kin’s Are Coming

🎃🎃🎃🎃 PRESS SAMPLE 🎃🎃🎃🎃

Welcome to my 3rd blog post! I promised I wouldn’t wait 50 years for the next one and I’m keeping my promise. 😊 It’s Sunday and there’s football. I love football but I’m a hard core Cowboys fan and “da boyz” don’t play until tomorrow. So while my hubby is elbow deep in wings and football, I’m curled up under a warm blanket making this blog thing happen for you. You’re welcome!

I have a massive collection from Bee’s Knees Lacquer to show you. The collection consists of 12 beautiful polishes. But first, I would like to introduce you to the mastermind behind this brand.

This is Sarah and her husband Tim. Isn’t she just the cutest! 😍 Sarah is currently an Adjunct Professor and she is leaving her academic career behind to join the wonderful world of indie nail polish. She has a brilliant mind and an amazing talent for creating the most stunningly unique polishes I’ve ever seen. You would never guess by seeing her polishes that she’s a newbie. Look out makers, Sarah’s coming for you! 😂 I’m so excited for her and can’t wait to see where this journey takes her. ❤️

Without any further ado, let’s jump into all the pretties! All swatches were taken in artificial lighting unless other wise stated.

Goin’ Campin’?!

This is a hunter green base with green, gold and red shifting shimmer. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

This is a stunning deep green polish. The shifting shimmers in it makes it so much more than just another green polish. It makes me think of the Gremlins and Christmas trees and even The Grinch.

All Holo’s Eve

This is an ultra holo rusty brown pumpkin shade with pink shimmer. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

This macro shot was taken outside in natural sunlight.

This is a perfect neutral color with an extra kick of holo. It’s classy and sassy all at the same time.

I Know What You Did Last Fall

This is a dark fuschia with blue to violet shifting shimmer with red flakies and holo flakies. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

I’ll be the first to admit that fuschia shades are not usually my cup of tea. This polish stole my heart though. I might just become a fuschia fan after this one.

They’re Heeere

This is the shade of a pumpkin spice latte with blue shimmer and holo. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

First of all, pay no mind to the dent in my middle finger. I had already taken photos and moved on to the next polish before I saw it and the damage was already done. 🙄 In other news…this is the perfect sparkly nude polish! I love it and it’s such a clean look on the nail.

Children Of The Corn Maze

This is a mustard yellow with red to green shifting shimmer and holo. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

This polish makes me drool! It’s the perfect ugly mustard yellow that you either love or hate. I personally love them and this is the prettiest one I own so far. This shifting colors stand out so perfectly. It reminds me of corn on the cob and the yellow brick road and so many other fall things. It’s fall in a bottle ya’ll. 😁

House On Haunted Chill

This is a sheer blurple base with opalescent shifting shimmer. Shown here in 3 coats plus top coat.

Have you ever seen such an amazingly unique polish?! All I want to know is where Sarah keeps the unicorn that she uses for this polish…and if I can come play with him/her. 🦄This has been the top seller out of this collection and you can clearly see why. It’s boo-tee-full! If you’re not getting unicorn vibes then I have to question what planet you came from. 😂

Night Of The Living Red

This is a blackened crimson with scattered teal holo glitter. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

Again, another beautiful unique polish. Are you seeing the pattern here? This is a beautiful deep shade and the teal holo glitter stands out amazingly in it.

Hocus Crocus

This is a pale blue to violet shifting shimmer with holo flakies and linear holo. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

This one is so sparkly and pretty! It’s a perfect holo.

Bonfire. James Bonfire

This is a red to orange to green multi chrome with holo flakies. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

Both macros taken outside in natural sun light

Look at that bottle shot! I always struggle with catching the different color shifts when swatching but you can see all the colors in the bottle perfectly. This is a beautiful dark shade and the holo flakies make it pop.

Oh, Come On!

This is an ultra holo chocolate brown base with a blue to violet shift. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

This is one of my favorites out of the bunch. It looks more gray on my nails but I can definitely see the brown tone in the bottle and in other swatches I have seen. It’s an ultra holo yummy polish.

Reddy Krueger

This is a toxic olive green base with red shimmer and holo. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

Mmmm…this polish makes me want to bite into a crisp juicy green apple. 😋 This is another one of my favorites out of the group. It’s a perfect beautiful green shade and I love the name too.

I See Plaid People

This is a red/fuschia Jelly-like base with glowing cobalt shimmer and blue/violet/copper UFC flakies. Shown here in 2 coats plus top coat.

These swatches aren’t mine. This polish was reformulated to make it a bit more opaque. I don’t have the reformulated one yet, so to limit confusion on what the polish looks like, I got permission from the lovely Jessica @nailmedaily on Instagram to use her beautiful swatches of “I See Plaid People”. Here is a link to her IG so you can go check out more amazing swatches that she’s done.

When you have a beautiful polish named “Reddy Krueger”, you just have to do Freddy Krueger art over it. It’s a must! So here’s that.

I also just had to do some zombie nail art over “Night Of The Living Red”. Here’s that.

This is all of the swatches for the new “The Pun-kins Are Coming” Collection from Bee’s Knees Lacquer. Once again, Sarah has amazed us all with her talent and ability to create the most stunning, unique and beautiful polishes. I love them all and am so honored to be able to swatch them for you.

Here is the link to the Bee’s Knees Lacquer site.

You can use the code FREESHIP50 for free shipping on orders over $50.

This is the link to Bee’s Knees Lacquer’s IG.

And here is the link to join the Bee’s Knees Buzz Facebook group to stay up to date on all up coming releases and to see what’s going on over there.


Thanks so much for checking out my blog and I look forward to meeting you all back herefor the next one. Bye ya’ll! 😘

Sassy Sauce Polish: September 2017 Release

⭐️⭐️⭐️PRESS SAMPLE⭐️⭐️⭐️

Welcome to my 2nd blog post! I know, I sort of abandoned this thing. New things intimidate me but I’m here and I have polish and swatches to show you and that makes everything better right? Let’s do this!

These are the 6 new polishes that Carrie has released for September. Two of them are stamping polishes, how cool is that! Here’s a closer look at each of them.


Described as a brown base dusted with sparkly gold shimmer and loaded with copper glitter and holo goodness.

I really like the copper glitter in this one. It looks orange in the brown base and gives a fall/pumpkin feel.


Described as a mild yellow shimmer.

This swatch was 3 coats plus a quick dry top coat and the pictures were taken in artificial lighting. I love yellow polishes and this one does not disappoint. It’s bright enough to make me smile but not so bright that it screams summer.


Described as a smokey purple/gray with an iridescent purple shimmer.

This swatch was 2 coats plus a quick dry top coat and the pictures were taken in artificial lighting. This is a perfect fall purple polish.


Described as a milky white base with a wicked green iridescent shift, spun with black florescent green, orange and purple glitter. This one also glows in the dark!

This swatch was 2 coats plus a quick dry top coat and the pictures were taken in artificial lighting. This one was my favorite and I love it. It’s the perfect Halloween polish and the glow is amazing! Here’s a swatch of the glow. 👇

Told ya this polish puts off an amazing glow! There’ll be some bonus nail art using this one at the bottom of this post.


Described as a solid metallic copper that can be used for stamping or an all over color.

This swatch was 1 coat plus a quick dry top coat on my ring finger and stamped on the other 3 fingers. The pictures were taken in artificial lighting. This polish stamps perfectly and looks so pretty over Cynical Smoke. This mani gives me all the fall feels. 😍


Described as a solid gray creme that can be used for stamping or an all over color.

This swatch was 1 coat plus a quick dry top coat on my ring finger and stamped on the index and middle fingers. The pictures were taken in artificial lighting. This one stamped pretty good. It wasn’t as crisp as the copper stamping polish but it did the job. I did really like this one as a one coat base. The formula is great and it applied evenly with full coverage in just 1 coat.

Now for something fun:

I did a bestie twin mani with my girl Jessica. We were both oohing and aahing over the “The 13th Hour” polish and we came up with the great idea to do a mani together. And then this happened…

How awesome is that?! I’ll say it louder for the people in the back…LOOK AT THAT GLOW! 😱 It’s no joke ya’ll. I love this one so much and I’ll definitely be using it in some other Halloween manis this season. Here’s a fun fact. Jessica and I didn’t even discuss the placement of the handprints before doing these. We were both shocked when we noticed that we put them in almost the exact same place on each nail. True story!

So now that you have seen all the good stuff, here’s where you can go to grab these for yourself. 👇

If you made it this far thank you for reading and I hope you’ll join me next time. I promise it won’t take me 50 years to post the next one! Bye ya’ll! 😘

Glisten & Glow: Week 5 Polish Con August 2017

Welcome to my 1st blog post! One of my favorite indie brands is Glisten & Glow. I love Jill and I love everything that her creative mind comes up with. So naturally I chose one of her polishes to get my feet wet with this blogging gig.

This beautiful baby is called “Spirit Of Chicago”. This is Jill’s contribution to week 5 of the Road to Polish Con Chicago Fall of 2017 trio. When I saw these I knew I had to snag them!



This is a beautiful linear holographic purple polish with violet and blue shimmers and silver microflakes. I love purple polish and I love holographic polish so this one does ALL the things for me! Here’s a closer look in case you haven’t gotten enough yumminess.

You’re welcome! Unfortunately this is no longer available since it is a limited edition polish. But the good news is that there are plenty of other gorgeous polishes to choose from on the Glisten & Glow website. You can hop over to and check them out for yourself.

This wraps up my 1st blog post and I have to say it was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed it! Bye ya’ll!